Tuesday, January 20, 2015

cleaning is not fun....or is it?

decided to try and tame this mess.......

yes my helper broke in......er I mean helped
he was searching for something like a man on a mission

I found Easter eggs. WHAT???? In my sewing room????
they belong in the shed with the rest of the out of season stuff.......geesh!

oooooooo    Dunkin..............look what Mommy found!  a long lost quilt top
ready to back and be quilted into a lap quilt........

I just may have to find some pretty backing and do this one up.
love the colors and fabrics.........
kind of a use it up quilt
AND in the January color of blue for the rainbow scrap challenge.
I guess I should clean more often, huh????


  1. Amazing what you find sometimes. Dunkin was helping.

  2. I love those old fabrics in your "found" top--I can't find any like those anymore (boo-hoo0 My stash is so "Busy"--I wish manufacturers would do some muted tone on tones again...definitely good for RSC15! hugs, Julierose

  3. Love the colors in your quilt, mine want be half as pretty

  4. I try to clean up as I finish a project. Since there has been very little finishing, I try to do it every three to four weeks!