Tuesday, January 27, 2015

July and August ah lazy days of summer

I guess I can dream right? 
we are in the midst of a snow storm-30 inches of IT ARE DUE TO FALL...
  and it has been a blowing since 2 am.
ask me how I know......LOL
Dunkin is in a trance looking out at it. he has never seen much snow and is wondering
what the heck it is.......
he has been staring out the window......LOL
I have July done and quilted........

and August is up next.......
wait till you see September! I had gotten fabric squares on Missouri quilt
and I am in love.........I pieced some and combined it
with a black and gray print (think chalkboard...)

so Aug, Sept and Oct are up to be finished.........
hopefully TODAY!   
an unplanned SEW day
er, um I mean SNOW day

as long as we have power.........
when the power goes out I have another one in the works to be hand stitched
where there is a will there is a way as the saying goes.......



  1. Wow! Just look at you go! Today I worked on the layout for my Churn Dash quilt and finished cutting all the pieces. I sewed three 12" blocks. I ironed, cut and joined fabric as the backing of a table runner. I tidied parts of my sewing room that were driving me nuts! So now, 7:30pm Wednesday, it's time to read blogs while WM searches the Internet looking for foam to make my design wall! Woo-hoo!