Thursday, January 29, 2015

look what a snowday will do

meet Miss September. dont you love  that fabric? i only wish I had used more brown on the other side
but this was a Missouri Star Quilting special charm pack
I think it was called Elementary
loved the idea for Sept
and paired it with a black that reminded me of an erased 
Am I having too much fun? LOL

here is the back fabric I used. something in the stash

Miss July with her glasses ready for fun in the sun

August was smooth sailing........

and October didnt come out exactly how I envisioned it
but I think it is cute

the black was iron on tape from my Moms stash that I used
the recipient will approve   <3

but I had to improvise.....there was not enough to do 
what I had wanted to do
and it was over 20 yrs old so no finding any more for sure that would match
so I quilted in some spider webs.........

just for fun

see what a snow day will do? LOL
and I had to shovel too!
how did you spend your blizzard 2015?


  1. You made good use of your time off, didn't you? ;-)

  2. Great use of your time. No blizzard for us. Just cold, clear and sunny blue skies.

  3. Great kites--love the monthly themes...hugs, Julierose

  4. You got lots done! Love all of them

  5. I love the blue gingham one. The blizzard didn't really hit us that badly - just 4" which is nothing for us.