Sunday, January 25, 2015

oh my i have more than I thought

here is another little lap quilt
this must have been from the year I was 
trying to make a few for the nursing home
it is a stripe that I like but a denim weight
maybe I need a denim back with no batting?
we will see
this too is just a small lap size
and I would like to finish it up
Dunkin agrees
hmmmm.......could he be a "two quilt cat"?????

I DID find a piece of batting to fit the other one so the three parts are together in the pile for the
next projects to try to finish

maybe there is something to this thing called "organization"


3 comments: said...

How about just backing with some fleece? Then it would be kind of heavy and cuddly.

Lynne said...

You seem to be having fun finding this " buried treasure"!

barbara woods said...

I like "finding" fabric I forgot I had