Friday, January 16, 2015

this one could be for June

I found this old fabric
I think it was my Moms and she has been gone since 1989
it has kids on it and I love the print

I fussy cut 4 blades and then 4 blades of a brown print
I think the recipient will be happy to know
the fabric was my Moms.
and it is happy scenes on the fabric
excuse the fact that I did not iron them

this is my helper who was trying to get in

and peeking under the door..........
I SEE YOU>>>>>>>>>>>
silly boy!


  1. Cute fabric...looks like he is saying mom, mom, can I come in? Pleeeeeeasssssse!

  2. Well of course he wants to come in and play with those kids lol Hugs, Julierose

  3. you get so much done before work, i get a little done all day!!

  4. Love the fabric.your cats are as bad as my pup.xx