Friday, February 27, 2015

anyone use lace?

does anyone else out there use lace? this lace is also in my room
and it is cute. about half inch wide and looks like
hand crochet
this is not the color it is more like picture 2  the light blue

like this............

as you can see it didnt cost much........YES that says 5 CENTS per YARD!

and I wont live long enough to use it all........
there is probably at least 20 yds of it
if you are interested in some I am willing to spread the love.........
just let me know in the reply and I will inbox you for address
I hate to see it just sit here if someone else wants to play with some......

oh by the way, have you noticed? I have a NEW ironing board cover.
isnt she purty?  a little busy for picture taking but hey, its a NEW ironing board cover!
Doesnt take much to make this gal happy. 
isn't hubby lucky that I am not high maintenance? LOL


  1. That is a lot of lace. I need to recover my ironing board, but that would mean taking all the crap sitting on it off. And would mess up my organized chaos.

  2. How pretty! I would love to play with some lace. Could I trade you something for it??

  3. have a bunch myself that i try to use , Daughter in love used to have a store and i got a bunch from her