Tuesday, February 3, 2015

is this a strawberry?

this berry is THREE inches WIDE............
I got some berries at the store for some shortcake

hubs grabbed this one out of the box and wanted me to take pics
see how big? that is my hand holding it
it is HUGE

another view for comparison 
the one on the left is a "regular" size berry
look how it is larger than the shortcake it will 
soon be on.........

feeds a family of four.....
is this what farmers are doing? making produce go further 

just thought you would like a peek


  1. GMO ! I think that is the term for genetically modified produce.

  2. LOL! Love the photo on the tart. We had some really big strawberries in Florida, and they were very sweet But not that big.

  3. I find the bigger they are the less flavour they have!