Saturday, March 14, 2015

dreaming of good things to come

I am dreaming of my roses.
I have the banana peels all ready
and the coffee grounds too.
waiting to feed my little babies.

and dreaming that once I color this hair my hairdresser can make it look 
like this again.
this was an easy to care for style
that looked decent most of the time

and hoping that my King of the castle settles down a little
he has been so hyper lately. not sure what is up with him
he is fixed so it cant be to go catting around.....
but who knows?

this little sweetie pie waving to all of you
out there in bloggyville
she is so sweet

see? she even likes her brother........
even though he is a pain in the toushy sometimes.
Spring must be close
itchin for new things and outdoors.......


Julierose said...

Oh aren't we all? Today it is raining "cats and dogs" here--yaya--not snowing! Hopefully, most of this snow will be disappearing soon. I've forgotten what grass looks like...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

our ground is so soggy you can't walk on it. How is your if you have seen it yet? said...

I have a bunch of kids on a school bus that have taken a page from the Duncan behavior book. They are awful!