Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday around here

grabbed a few things for Easter basket making
I am still looking for beach towels and pool noodles

Phoebe found some boxes in my sewing room
that looked inviting
she was in and out of there so I put down a piece
of fleece
she slept while I sewed.........SUCCESS!  she was happy
and Momma was happy. no cat in my face under the machine! LOL
this reverse psychology thing really works! hee hee

I knitted a little on this blanket. the rows work up fast with the 
large needles but I need more yarn colors to keep 
the pattern going. it is using up bits and pieces
but I am combining them with soft homespun which
I need more of to make it nice and cozy.
not sure where this will reside. I was at first 
thinking for the baby but there is pink in it
and my marine son would NOT allow his son
to have pink in his blanket.
so it may end up on my couch or on the end of the bed
we will see once  I determine it done.

and played with some ideas for the boys hockey quilts
I am thinking their names in the center temecula alphabet style
and maybe a hockey stick and puck
surrounded by black large border to make it to size
I then may have to save up and have them 
professionally quilted
they will be twin size for their new bunk beds

THEN after work, TAXES...........
hoping we get some BACK this year to cover
the expense of the roof we need.......
we will see.......

3 comments: said...

Oh you have a fun and exciting Friday planned with taxes. Phoebe is such a good girl. Where was trouble? I bet he was all bent out of shape if he couldn't get into the room.

Julierose said...

Cute spot for the Phebe! LOL smart cookie using that psychology! ;--))) hugs happy TGIF Julierose

barbara woods said...

Hope you get back enough to cover that roof, it's always something when you have a house