Wednesday, March 18, 2015

goals for this year

I have some general goals for this year
to be more tolerant of Males with the remote controls........
they BOTH tend to hoard them
good thing I am not a big tv watcher anyway........I'd much rather sew

to pay it forward more
I have been very fortunate and need to remember that
even when I am kicking and complaining about something 
Life has been good to me and I should appreciate that
and look at the positive

and I need to spend more time with family relaxing.......
just because.

do you have any goals for 2015? 
Ours started out not nice with deaths in Jan and Feb 
and it makes you think about life and how you are living it
I think it is Gods way of making us stay on the path


Julierose said...

I totally am in sync with you about relaxing more with family; we have had two deaths recently also--it makes you realize how fortunate you are for sure...
nice goals hugs, Julierose (the remote one, too!! hahaha)

barbara woods said...

I don't care for t v either. Live every moment and enjoy said...

I like your general goals. I am trying to be more focused toward some longer term goals this year.