Friday, March 13, 2015

looking forward to the weekend

I have to find these little guys......this is for the blue purse
I know I have a blue one started, a burgundy one and I think a Fall colored one.
If I can find ALL of them, I will batt and quilt and work them assembly line style.
that will help me to see lots of progress

if I cant find them, I still have the diaper bag to figure out and quilt up
these pieces have been sewn and need quilting to stiffen
just need to find a nice blue for accent pieces

I also have to remove some of this stuff away from the
foundation of my home. I already have water coming into the screen room from 
melting. I would like to keep that to a minimum
if possible

see? if I quilt those squares just straight line I can 
make quick work of it and get to the next step

and of course this project was stalled too. it is a runner
that I can make TWO out of
one may be a red border and one green but
that is ok.
that will be two more gifts......(maybe one for ME  ***wink***)

the keychains are a quick finish too. I have some chapstick that
is ready to go. just gotta find my pattern
and cut some scraps. that way they may
coordinate with the purses and zip bags
for later gifts

or I could catch up on my knitting. I love love love these knitted
dishcloths. My Aunt Jo who just passed was the one
who introduced me to them. she had a friend who was
knitting and selling them. so I bought some
then I had to have more and found the pattern
I know I have cotton yarn in lots of colors. when it goes on sale
I always grab a few.
just because........

so I guess I better not sleep too long this weekend and get some things
done around here
what do you think?
whats up for your weekend? 
will you get to have fun?

3 comments: said...

Lots of weekend plans, can't wait to see what you get to work on, you have so many different projects. I really need to do some quilting.

Julierose said...

We have a busy one planned" my DH's birthday is today and tomorrow off to my daughter's to meet up with everyone for his partay! YAY--I get to eat cake!! I mean, what's a B-day w/o a cake, huh??? LOL
I hope to finish up some more blocks for my surprise quilt project this afternoon. And the SUN is out!! Hooray..hugs, love your neat...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Going to see my tator bug in a play