Friday, March 13, 2015

played at a friends house last night

I played at a friends house last night.
she had gotten a fabric that was difficult to use
it was free from a friend of hers so she wanted to play
she did some kites that were fussy cut
and they came out awesome- one had the roses as a center circle, and one had the stripes all 
meeting in the center
fun fun.........
sorry no pics available. I didn't know we were gonna play!
she was making Easter gifts for her sister in law and brother
they had requested (upon asking) potholders and hotpad mats
so she made those........and STILL had TONS of this fabric left!

anywho, she was gonna throw out the pieces from the fussy cuts
WHAT????? throw away GOOD fabric???
those babies came home with ME LOL
(I stuffed them in my pockets, the little trash picker that I am LOL)

and Jenny Doan to the rescue.
that free little tumbler template? the one she had a while ago?
yeah, I started to play..........

and found a brown fat quarter that went........
so I cut some tumblers........
then cut some tumblers in half to make it straight.
Yeah,,,,,,am liking it so far
am thinking of making another little bag.......

this fabric goes too............

and these are a possibility as well

dont you just love playing in others scraps?
I know I do!
maybe I will get it sewn up by the weekend........
we will see.,.........
I found a pink zipper too and have it ready to go!


Julierose said...

What is it about other people's scraps? They are so much fun--guess because it's fabric you wouldn't get yourself? But then wished you had? LOL hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we do love scraps don't we, more to play with said...

Fun scraps. Other peoples scraps are the best.