Tuesday, March 17, 2015

womans work

I feel like resting........but there is much to do around here.......

these hopefully will be coming up. there is so much
snow still I dont know where they are
but I tried to move them last fall to spread 
them out a bit.
I guess I will find out how well I did.....

and these containers will need to be redone with
amended soil and get ready for the new year
I ordered some blueberry bushes that grow
in containers so am excited to see them grow

and remember this last year? yeah, I need to see if my bleeding heart survived
that was a mess all over my back garden

these never got painted so that is a Spring project now
sanding and painting.........ughh
at least it is an outdoor chore. I LOVE being outdoors

this screen room needs to be purged of stuff and organized so 
we can cook out and have friends over for fun
last year it was full of stuff
and still is a bit. thats what happens when you downsize
you are left with STUFF that you need to 
find a place for or get rid of.

I know Phoebe, I am tired too.......all this organizing 
and planning........makes a gal tired

and these guys will need to be fertilized and pruned
to make them spectacular again.

a womans work is never done is it


barbara woods said...

hope your weather has improved , ours has as of this week but rain tomorrow night, what know what after that

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Our snow is almost completely gone, and I pointed out to DH that the grass is starting to turn green. He isn't liking me much right now.