Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5th

Hopefully I will see some of the grands doing this
looking for Easter eggs

Even Dunkin can get into the act

its Ok Dunkin. that kid took your eggs. I  know.
its ok

some family time.........and fun

maybe a present or two? after ALL it IS my birthday! LOL

maybe hubs will get me some flowers?

maybe some napping..........

look familiar? yeah my other baby (who is all grown up now) in a basket 
must be comfy in there. I will have to try it!

and HER little one having cake......
yeah maybe there will be a cake for ME too! 

you think I should start baking???? ha ha
hope everyone has a very nice Easter

and remember the reason
not bunnies
not cake
not goodies
but Jesus rose from the dead
he suffered to redeem our loss