Saturday, April 18, 2015

note to self.............

when buying pet toys make sure you buy one 
for EACH pet..........

this little guy chirps and both my cats go CRAZY!!!!!
Did I buy two of them??????

dummy me to start some cat fights!!!!

Dunkin was so funny when I came home from work
he was tossing this thing in the air and playing with it.......
I had to laugh......

poor Phoebe was waiting her turn to play as he hogged it

gotta get one for her too!
usually I waste my money and they dont like them. I guess the bird 
sounds from outside triggered the hunting instinct to play 
with this toy.


  1. Whenever you have children you always buy 2! That looks like a very cute toy though. And you know if you have 2 that Dunkin will take Phoebe's toy too and hide it.

  2. toys are always for two for my son's girls and my children's doggies--I guess that IS a rule, huh?? funny toy hugs, Julierose