Sunday, May 17, 2015

some past Christmas box items

this guy came about from cleaning my room
yeah I KNOW
I found the green strip sewn
paired it with a green and teal stripe
and pulled a teal blue for lining and bottom

one teal zipper

and voila........a pretty zip bag
for makeup........
or small projects to carry them around.......
or toiletries..........
the possibilities are endless

I made this cutey from a deer fabric for a niece
with woodsy coordinates

matching eyecase and chapstick keyring,,,,,,,,
voila nice gift for her......she loved it!

knit dishcloths for me..........

and the rest of the strip of deer fabric became the
edge of the pillowcase
how fun is that?
what are YOU sewing?????


  1. I am in the sashing, cornerstone,sewing block components together Bermuda triangle. It gets boring.

  2. Nice stuff!! Hugs, Julierose