Monday, June 22, 2015

Dunkin made a selfie

Dunkin made a selfie

yeah he is playing with the camera
you didnt think he was quite that much of a stinker did you?
yeah, he IS  LOL

but don't you just love technology?

yeah, SOMETIMES  I love how easy it is to go online
and buy quilting supplies.........

until I buy and buy and buy.............

and buy again. (thanks Missouri Star for making me POOR)
then I go on a "diet"
and that lasts about a day
or until the next big quilting deal comes up........


so I bought a "low tech" game for me and hubs to play
just because.....ha ha
anyone else crazy like me????


  1. I have being good, but with a cat that is tech savvy enough to do a selfie, you need something. Don't ever let Dunkin have the credit card number.

  2. I hit an extra wide backing sale and a thread sale - think that will please me for some time. I do really want to make the Swoon sometime. And I think Monopoly is a perfect low tech game for any age.

  3. I love those online sales too! I just can't pass them by! Your kitty is quite talented! I like his selfie!!

  4. me too, just as soon as i put myself on a quilt diet they put something i just have to have up with a great price. So it's their fault!