Friday, June 26, 2015

what do i wanna do?

I am thinking I may want to swoon for Christmas
you know.......
I bought a ton of Christmas charm packs
from that Jenny girl

wouldnt that be beautiful?

or do I want to make a weave quilt
I have admired all of them that I saw on the internet
so got that pattern too.

or dresdan
love me some dresdans
and this variation turned into a strip type quilt is cute too
like a sawtooth pattern

or play with these
I saw a quilt I loved called good Night Irene made with these
you alternate with an X block and it puts points 
on the 4 sides
I love it! because my Mom's name is Irene too
how cool is that?
Maybe I could work on that...........

or finish a bag or two..............

or play with new stash............
I cant make up my mind!


  1. So many little time. I want to make a goodnight Irene quilt too.

  2. You could always start Carole's mystery quilt...... LOL
    That's even better cos you don't actually know what you are making.

  3. Since you have a good portion of the Irene going - use the rest as leader enders while you work something new. I have been eyeing that dresdan pattern and I happen to have been staching yellows and greys for a fun project.

  4. All those ideas are pretty neat but I think you should just jump in with me and start on a Vintage farm Girl quilt, I tell ya those little blocks are soooo cute!

  5. i've made the swoon and the dresden and love them both