Monday, August 24, 2015

what is this in rosy pinks

I pulled out some muted rosy pinks and grays and beige or tans
and sewed up 6 x 9 for a sewing mat back

and 2 x 9 for a pocket
wonder who this may be for?
a Christmas gift in the making?????

for those who have asked they took hubs out of intensive care so that is a good thing.
I will visit and see what is what after work
I miss him and so do the cats.
they are always looking for him
not knowing why he is not here
he is a funny guy too.
I went up to see him last night with the paper
for him to read etc and to visit
5 min go by and he says 
"why dont you just go home"
so much for him missing US! LOL


  1. Were you fussing? No one likes to be in the hospital. Get well hubby Dunkin needs adult supervision.

  2. My hubby is the same--he worries about medriving home alone in the dark even!! So GLAD yours is out of ICU--phew!! I like both your rosy pinks and beiges--reminds me of rugelah cookies-- (now how come everything reminds me of FOOD???lol) hugs and hang in...Julierose

  3. glad he is getting better, you know what they say " if they are getting grumpy they are better"