Friday, September 4, 2015

all things Fall

this mug rug was a gift from a mugrug swap
love bringing it out in the Fall
puts me in the pumpkin mood

and breakfast us usually a nice homemade bread and a cuppa coffee
in this case a zuchinni pineapple bread  YUM

and Fall means I need to get out the canning jars and get a move on
so much to do and not much time

last year I had made these cuties

all of these and donated them to the area hospital
to give out to babies who needed them

and this year I have made 8 more
I am thinking the plain yellow ones may need a flower
what do you think?

Fall is a fun time
what is on your Fall bucket list?

apple picking?
pumpkin chunking?
baking Fall comfort foods?

I have never been apple picking and I am thinking
this may be the year to change that


Julierose said...

Yes to little flowers on the yellow ones. So cute--Hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Our apples are at their prime right now. We are handing out bags to all our sewing class people and telling them to pick a bag before they go home. I need to pick a bushel later today to take out to my daughter this weekend.

barbara woods said...

We pick our at a friend of ours that buys them by the truck load in upper Ga. said...

We need to start cutting and stacking firewood. But it has been too hot and humid to do a whole lot.