Friday, September 11, 2015

are Santas deer staying at my house


something that is tall is eating the leaves right off my tomato plant
I am assuming it is not a bunny
this plant is tall and the bunny couldnt reach
I am thinking a deer?
tomatoes and leaves..........gone

this little guy I think is peppermint
it smells so nice

and lemon balm this smells nice too.

my planter turned out well except the cucumbers did not do well
they kind of died right there
so maybe next year will be
more herbs and impatiens
in here

the clematis is growing
and so is a weed that mimics it

here is the hole in the rhododendron plant
yeah  not pretty
the snow last year did that
dont know how to fix or what to prune
but will try next spring to see what I can do
this was gorgeous all full of purple blooms
and now is bare on the side and back
I am bumming

and this guy is wondering what Mama is up to.
my little love bug.........
maybe he saw the deer?  

3 comments: said...

How about a tomato hookworm. I have never saw one but I hear they are huge and they will decimate a tomato plant.

Julierose said...

I'll bet a deer did that damage! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

some thing is eating my creep myrtle bush, i have three and they are all like that.