Saturday, September 19, 2015

keeping warm

the weather has turned Fallish here
and I am NOT complaining
although some of us (not to mention the name of the above)
are making it very clear they are not warm LOL
ummmmmm  hot dryer clothes
let me snuggle in........LOL

doesnt everyone love cat hair on freshly washed laundry?
no? LOL

this quilt top is on my to do listing
I found it again in the sewing room and it just 
needs a backing and batting and I am thinking
of tying it
the fabrics are all heavy denim weight and I think one tie in the center of each 
square would make it look old fashioned and fun

these were scraps they were throwing out when I worked in the office
of a curtain factory.
when they were getting ready to lay us off (they were closing) 
my manager asked if I wanted any fabrics and threads
and lace and buttons.........who me?  Yessiree Bob!
I came home with tons of waverly fabrics and at the time in 1998
they were going for 30-40 dollars a yard!
that year everyone got a quillow for Christmas. I made over 39 of them! LOL
bu this guy got pieced and never finished.
his time has come I think
should I use muslin for the back?  a fun print?
it is going to be a big quilt if I remember right
what do you think? what would YOU use?

3 comments: said...

No batting but minkee on the back for a lovely heavy snuggly quilt

Julierose said...

I agree--no batting needed--and tying would be perfect--maybe a lightweight flannel in a pretty print for the back??? happy weekending hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

you may need it this winter worse than before, if they are right .. big if