Monday, September 28, 2015

pay it forward

this is an idea that I did last year to pay it forward.
I bought a plate at the dollar store
and some paint markers
you write the saying on the plate
and bake at 200-250 for half hour to one hour
let it cool in the oven before removing it

a plate that is special and fun
you just pass the plate on with goodies and they pass it on etc.
wouldnt it be funny to see it again in your circle of friends and family?
I may do more than on e this year.

we will see..............

what are you planning for the end of the year months?

2 comments: said...

Love this idea. I am starting to think about that dreaded holiday.....I ordered some fabric for a couple of easy gifts.

barbara woods said...

i have been ordering fabric , hoping to get most of my sewing done before Christmas,