Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the cooler weather is so nice

the cooler weather is nice
for the plants
they are nice and green and tall
this is my mosquito plant. they like it here
and grow so tall and nice.
smell like lemons at the bottom of the steps

this looks like a rebel rose. LOL 
it is a yellow one that has grown above
the rest
I guess it wants to shine too
one lonely flower.......

and this beauty is turning
love the way it looks in Fall
I have one in front and one on the side
and the one I planted in the front bucket that was
cuttings that fell off the other one
that one is in bloom too!

3 comments: said...

Your garden beds look so nice. Mine are a weedy mess. Too rainy, then too hot to get out there even early in the morning.

Julierose said...

Such pretty plants--mine are all so dry!! My garden is now a bed of fallen leaves already! It is so dry here, that the trees have begun to turn and the leaves to fall ---pretty early. Doing my rain dance...faster now!! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Mine are full of fire ants but your are so pretty