Tuesday, September 1, 2015

where did the summer go?

the summer started out so promising
there were lots of things added to the Christmas box

and other starts being produced for later finishes.......

even time for fun mysteries..........

then Daddy got sick and we had to tend to lonely kitties
who missed having Daddy home all day.............

but I worked on that box of squares
and made the center part of a Thanksgiving runner

found more fabrics and played with turkey feathers

even found some turkeys in my room.......

harvested some veggies for an apron

worked more on the runner

made a top for a cat mat

and some sewing mats............

another one.........

almost finished a UFO.......

gave some loving to this cutie pie who is missing Daddy.......

and quickly added more bags to the Christmas box

I guess I did do something productive in August.........

how did your August go?
now we are into September and the Moms are happy
the kids go back to school.
the kiddos not so much.......

my 4 year old nephew who is going to preschool
fought tooth and nail
and told his Mom he is NOT going to school
(she thought this would start a little later in his life, right?)

she goes why not?
he says because they want me to do work
and I just wanna play.

out of the mouths of babes..........
hope your August was a good one


  1. August felt like a bust. at least for me. :(

  2. Actually June through August was not my favorite this year--too many unexpected events to take in! But Now that September as rolled in, (I love Fall) I may be coming out of my stupor...hugs, Julierose

  3. you and i have spent a lot of summer with Dr.s and Hospitals.

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