Thursday, September 24, 2015

who else buys others UFOs?

I also bought this stack of blocks
I think the bird is cute

and do you see the price?
yeah for ALL of can one resist?

a nice Amish themed one

here kitty.........

a heart


nine patch

and look close. most of them are signed
looks like someone either won them
or had people make them blocks 
and the quilt was never completed for 
one reason or another.......
(I dont know how that goes. no I dont. I complete every little thing I start.......

and this is the one that sealed the sale
I LOVE embroidery! so so sweet
and signed as well.

so I guess I had better come up with some ideas
to finish these off
I am thinking little bags
or table toppers

what would YOU do with UFO blocks?

3 comments: said...

Wow 1994 those are almost antiques. Sweet blocks though. Our guild does a "friendship block" they pay $25 for the year and every month they pick up fabric, have to add certain colors from their stash to complete a specified block. When you return your block you get a ticket, and there is a drawing held at guild each month. Usually 2 women win 12-13 blocks each. Enough to make a quilt.

sunny said...

What a treasure! So much fun to make a quilt with these blocks.

barbara woods said...

if i ran across them i would buy them to, they are great