Tuesday, October 13, 2015

another little project

this was from the scrap  dance quilt a long
I was "double dog dared"
so decided why not

I love me some blues........(ya think?)
and pulled the blue squares that Sharon
so generously gifted to me.

it is truly the gift that keeps on giving
I should find a small piece of binding
and a backing and binding and get er done........

not Christmassy but will be nice on my table...........
I could do a silver and blue and white Christmas
instead of my usual red and gold

just sayin........


  1. That quilt turned out so nice. Can't wait to see it quilted and bound,and it would be a nice table topper.

  2. this is just gorgeous--love the blue/white idea for Christmas..with little silvery things, too. this one is a must to finish...hugs, Julierose

  3. what turkey pattern are you using?? jenny's?? i am getting pecked by that turkey-lurkey bug...Hugs, Julierose