Friday, October 30, 2015

I love color

I love the colors of Fall
this neighbor has two beautiful fire bushes in front
they are so pretty right now

another neighbor painted an empty gas tank like a pumpkin
and planted mums and lights
looks so nice

look at this plant. this tree is a Euny (I cant spell the real name)
but look at the all green section in it'
how funny is that
I love the variegated leaves and want
to try and start another one from a cutting next year
we will see

look at these clouds!  and the leaves blowing off the trees..........
something is a brewing.............

3 comments: said...

Great way to hide an LP tank. I had one of those bushes once long ago. I remember having that same thing, some branches which were just all green.

Carol said...

We're just starting to see the fall colors and I'm loving it. Those fire bushes are gorgeous!

barbara woods said...

Did you see, Texas got 14inches, just hope that doesn't come over us, there would not be any leaves left on our trees