Monday, October 5, 2015

is it Monday already???

This is what I would LIKE to be doing this fine Monday morning.

instead I am up at 3 am writing out bills, feeding cats, being a referee to two 
cats who want to fight for some reason at 3 am,
organizing healthcare bills (yeah FUN huh?)
clipping coupons,
ironing clothes
getting ready for work.

now doesnt that sound like MUCH more fun than napping?
hope you have a great Monday friends.
I am getting excited.
next week I am on vacation
whoot whoot! been about 2 yrs since I had one
we are staying home so I can get my room organized for
(hubs isnt up to travel just yet anyways)

so I will sporadically blog as I purge and plod along
in my quest to get organized 
AND SEW...........

what are YOU doing this fine Monday morning?
betcha you are having more fun than me! LOL

1 comment:

barbara woods said...

We are going to get us a steak!
Haven't done in a while that because of hubby surgery