Saturday, October 17, 2015

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..........

sorry for the early "singing" but I am going to town
on the Christmas list
and looking for my reds and greens
and Christmas projects

these towels need a little holiday applique
and into the box they will go.......

this guy got stalled last year. If I get it out and border it
I can get TWO gifts out of it.

this guy has been doing triple duty these days
as I find little scraps I am cutting them into tumblers
I want to make a tumbler quilt
of lights and scraps.
not sure if I want the lights all the same or not
but the scraps have been adding up
it is surprising how quickly you can fill a container of them

and I found more of this deer fabric at WalMart. I know, not quilt shop quality
but my brother is building a cabin in Maine for hunting
and this yardage (got 4 yds or so) will make perfect 
deer pillowcases for the guys upthere.
I also have some wolf fabric too
hey, guys don't think about things like pillowcases
so somebody's got to do it LOL


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the towels. Hey sometimes inexpensive fabric is great for utilitarian stuff like that. I keep cutting tumblers when I cut scraps too.

  2. Great fabrics for those pillow cases--can't have too many of those! I am still plugging away slowly at Steven's quilt and my RSC 2.5" squares....hugs, Julierose

  3. I think it is great for pillowcases. Very cute towels. My SIL just bought some to make gift sets with. I gave my little tumbler template to a friend or I would cut some for you.

  4. I always play Christmas music before thanksgiving, love Christmas. I need me a tumbler ruler but i was wondering if you can use your Dresden plate ruler to make them?