Sunday, October 11, 2015

oil change anyone?

what do you do when your "baby" has to go into the shop
for an oil change and to get ready for winter?

why you wait in the waiting room with a hand project to do!
I usually bring knitting and I certainly
could have finished my scarf that I have in progress.......
but when cleaning my room.........

I came across this sweetie

yep FOR ME!!!!!

I quickly quilted it this morning...........
and have the binding almost sewn all the way around.......

I will finish it in about 10 minutes
another one bites the dust........

(yeah sing along with me!!!  and another one bites the dust)

Hope your Sunday is a happy one
Mine is!


  1. Very nice! I just realized that I have a HUGE selection of brown scraps, and I'm thinking of making a tumbler quilt. How big is yours?

  2. How cool to get that done. I have been cutting scraps into tumblers. I think mine are 2 1/2 which means it is going to take a lot of tumblers. :D