Sunday, December 20, 2015

birch discs

remember the birch discs my brother "made me" 
from clearing his land in Maine?
well I decided to try and play around with images 
that I want to woodburn.

niece has these cool animal stencils I borrowed.
this one a cardinal..........

and of course I had to have a deer......
now I just need an hour or so to fire up the woodburning 
tool and hope my hand is steady enough
to make them look decent

this was the inspiration from pinterest..........
if they dont come out good then on to plan B........


niece called and needs an emergency baby gift
so will try and make some hats and bibs for her to pickup later
on today
never a dull moment........


  1. I LOVE that deer stencil--just lovely--the birch disks are a great idea--so festive...funny, I am doing other crafts lately too. I have set up a fauxbonichi journal (check it out on youtube) for next year along with my usual Franklin Planner...I love words (no kidding !) and I plan to try to stamp and draw more...I tried to draw a deer--DH says it looked like a "sort of" big dog...oh well, hugs and have fun wood burning. I used to love to do that years ago... love that blue yarn, too...Julierose

  2. You images are great and if you don't like how they turn out paint that side a nice color and try again on the other side!

  3. Love the deer but I also love the snowflakes.

  4. Christmas will be here soon!!! You will still be working, merry Christmas dear