Tuesday, December 29, 2015

friends are the BEST especially quilting friends.........

Look how lucky I am!
sorry posted so late but I want to give every gift its
turn to shine......
look at all these goodies from JulieRose
you know Julie, right?

yeah she is a sweetie pie......

all kinds of goodies in here. 
a dammit doll! I love it!  I will certainly use that
frequently LOL
a jelly roll to play with
some true grips (I dont have any believe it or not. fun)
some hexagon window templates

oh yes! I think I am going to have a FUN 2016 with all these new toys!
but I have to say I need to use the doll now!
dammit...........I cant play yet!
ha ha  I have more cleaning to do
I am trying to rearrange my sewing room.......
yeah I know.....

Thanks Julie!  Love ya girl!  Hugs.........


  1. Awe what sweet gifts. Including the doll.

  2. So glad you are enjoying the little gifts! that dammit doll comes in really handy..lol hugs, Julierose