Saturday, March 26, 2016

I think I just need a diversion......

my mind these days cant stay focused
probably because of the lack of the windows being done
who knows
so what do I do?
I grab teeny tiny pieces
yes, stuff NORMAL people would toss
and I stitch it up into long strips
for my birch tree wanna be quilt
I still have no idea what fabric
or fabrics I will use for the squares
but the birch part I guess will be done
I have quite a few of these started 

then I decided I had better be productive
so I made a little giftie for my neighbors
Jackie already has hers and I delivered her mini quilt
this one is for my other neighbor
her fav cookie is those Tahoes with white macadamias
so this is for her
I had found the Easter ribbon and thought hmmmm
great timing! I can USE it.........

as I was searching and organizing I found these little pieces of leftover bindings
I will keep them all in one container
and stitch them together to make a nice
scrappy binding for a project
just because............

and then I found a container.........hmmmm
what was in it?
squares gifted to me from Vrooman
that I had counted out in groups of 5
and pinned
because I love love love those little cross quilts
and want to make one
so I played just to see how it would go together
I really need a design wall in here so I can keep them out
then I will sew in groups and make either a lap or a little larger quilt
out of them
we will see how far the squares go
I do have quite a few
I think Sharon gifted me her whole sewing room full
of squares and fabric! they are the squares that keep on giving
for sure! You have NO idea how many things I made with them
all the zippy bags (about 20), the 16 patches, put some in here
for a plus quilt, and odds and ends like pieces
for my 365 challenge etc.
and that was only the 2 1/2 inch ones!
I have 3 1/2 inch squares waiting to play with!
I think I will sew them willy nilly as leader enders for HST
and make 2 out of 2 squares by sewing either side of the middle line
I am wanting to make a tree of life type quilt
and that will be a perfect way to sew those many many
HST that are needed
then I will trim down to the size I need

see? this container is full of pinned blocks of 5
ready to go
I did EVERYTHING BUT what I need to do

But I feel good so that is all that matters right?
(hey I ran out of Calgon so no nice bubble baths to take me away)


  1. You keep playing. So many great things are created when you do.

  2. Ypur playtime = creativeness for sure!! I like the cross/plus quilts, too. That may turn out to be the flip side of Cassidy's--we'll see--the hardest part is setting it up, I think--I am going to use a charm pack for hers....right now i am "playing" with fun fun!! hugs Julierose

  3. so much scraps and so little time , if i get some time this afternoon i want to make another strip block