Saturday, March 19, 2016

planning ahead.......

I wrote down the directions for the letter R
(looks easier than the N LOL)
I guess I had better get a move on
July is coming quicker than I want

and I contemplated whether to stitch these rows up or not
not sure if I want to make another squares quilt
or use these as a border for UFO blocks
or what I want to do with it.......
they are strips of 12 blocks and
 were from a bit of mindless sewing

love those kinds of days.........
seems like I get more done that way too.......
look at all those pretties..........
so so soft and inviting...........
maybe applique on top of them? 
oh I better put them outta sight!

what are YOU planning?


  1. i ordered fabric on Nat. quilting day

  2. I went shopping via several venues, and to a quilt show.