Tuesday, March 15, 2016

will he go round in circles.....

here is up to Mar 12th of my 365 circle quilt
getting there
I make sure I pick my daily fabric
so that when I have a few minutes
to sew I can power sew through them
Dunkin is checking to see what mood I am in

these are some of the details
some singing fabric
some pretty lilacs  (hoping mine bloom this year)

a crazy day one and green grass.......

I think Dunkin approves......


  1. Our Gracie does exactly the same thing. And of course Dunkin approves - they're beautiful!

  2. Very pretty. Dunkin is looking and thinking. Oh I remember this day, I was irritating mom big time.....look at that circle.

  3. Oh such neat circles--this will be amazing!! Dunkin can't get enough of them!! hugs, Julierose