Thursday, June 23, 2016

oh fabric how I love thee

so that you have something fun to look at while
I am sewing away I decided to look back at some
quilt tops that need some loving after 
this reunion is over
this started as a self challenge
I took a UFO block
mine was a pink and blue dresdan
the project it was made for was discontinued
and I didnt want the quilt to read
blue and pink
so did a kind of "stay at home round robin" thing
of course it is STILL a UFO 
but one that I love and will finish when time allows
I added black  background and the stark black border
then I pieced a low volume border and I liked it
so then I played with more UFO blocks that were HST
of all colors including some pink and blue
to bring out the center

this guy is also a UFO
I think I need to corral them all up into one place so I 
can then just pull one and finish
I was playing with some 5 inch charms
in shades of blue
and used an aqua dot piece I had
for the background
it will make a baby boy happy someday
so I had better finish it up
I think it stalled for the backing
but I surely have enough blue fabrics
so not sure why I couldnt find ONE I liked with it!

this UFO is very old and really needs to get done
I am thinking of tying this one
I had started it when I lived in the apartment so that is
at least 7 years ago! YIKES
we were making lap quilts one Christmas
for a nursing home and this one
never got done. Phoebe likes this one

this one I think I gave away already. 
this was a pink Oct challenge in our guild for
cancer month
I had good intentions (dont we all)
but it too never got done for its intended purpose
I wanted to donate it for the cause because
my Mom and others in the family 
had cancer. I was going to do some
handquilting in the white areas around the hearts
this started as string blocks half muslin
and half strings
then I appliqued the hearts where the blocks met for interest
I really like the look of the strings and need to make another one
AFTER some UFOs get done

here is this one trimmed......Dunkin I think is trying to claim it
he loves Mommy's quilts LOL

see what I mean? it is like he is saying MINE

and then Phoebe has to get into the act too. 
this UFO I am loving and will love to finish
it for my bed
I love the way the scrappy double 9 patch looks
as a border but I am thinking the math is what
happened here. I dont think the border fit and so
she got stalled
I need to resolve that by adding to or cutting the black 
border to make er fit I think
If I added black (and who knows if I even have more of that fabric)
it may not look bad
but it may end up with more inner borders and then the outer one  to finish
I dont remember how big it is so far
I need to find all her parts and put her together once
the cyclone is out of my sewing room LOL

and I am missing my babies.......
I will see if cutting them back and starting over will help

sometimes I guess we just need a fresh eye to finish up those projects


  1. Cute blocks. I have some of those UFOs that need love.

  2. You have lots of nice projects going! We all have UFO's to finish! Some day!!

  3. All beautiful (stalled--I totally get that!!) projects....I hadn't seen the little hearts before--sooo darn cute....hugs, soon you'll be able to get back to them....Julierose