Thursday, July 14, 2016

see Jackie? some progress LOL

See the trash Jackie?
I know but hey it IS progress right?
I AM throwing out some things
hey, baby steps you know

found a bunch of these "kites"
that were extras from past projects and decided
to stitch them into one topper
I know they dont "go" together well
but it will be another finish and once I put a lamp on top it
wont really matter much
as a matter of fact if I turn it
I can see a Fall one, winter one and Spting one
so this may work LOL
only the edges up front will show at a time
another one will "bite the dust"
worse case it will be practice for those points and


  1. Good job it is hard to clean up our spaces and "throw out" things. Hey I may be able to use that or need it later.

  2. Well, they will just be a scrappy "improv" piece--sometimes those turn out better than we could predict. Have fun with those scraps...
    I haven't had the heart to delve into my leftovers (and things that just didn't work!!) drawer yet....hugs, Julierose

  3. always busy, i know its relaxing. cant get Tommy to understand that