Monday, August 1, 2016

man its hot in here

hubs and I have been trying to stay cool. these houses heat up fast and it is hard to cool them down. we have the windows open strategically .....the east and cooler side in the am and then close off when the sun comes round. IT IS STILL HOT AND HUMID...........

hubs is suffering as he takes lots of meds that make him hot too. drinking plenty of water and just hoping that Monday finds us with coolness..............

tried to work on this............

just touching the cotton yarn made me cringe..........
so I guess this project of making a bunch of dishcloths will have to wait........

maybe I can try and put this together...........
we will see

I am even too grouchy to sew......................imagine that?

I DID GO TO WALMART  Sunday to get some things that hubs needed. they had a FOUR PIECE Omnigrid template of squares 4.5  6.5  9.5  12.5  marked down from 36 to 19. so I grabbed it and at the register it rang up as 9.00 dollars, NINE DOLLARS. I was doing a dance all the way out the store.,
so I called my friend Jacky and said  you need bread and milk right and I can take you to the store and we were off, she decided she didn't need one so we headed to the 1.50 fabric section. 26.00 dollars and 8 pieces later..........we go to the register   yeah that was MY purchase. she was a good girl but I saw much potential for projects in process and pillowcase fun.
the cashier goes 75 dollars. I go WHAT????  I thought it was the BIG ONE and stood there holding my chest and saying "its the big one Esther"  (remember that from Sanford and Sons?  anywho,
I said oh no no no. that cant be and sure enough a couple of fabs I picked up marked 1.25 rang up over 14.00 and another piece that I had rang up at 28 that was supposed to be like 2.00. so now I had to buy it and go off to customer service,. ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the lady there was great and Jacky and I joked with her. she checked out my fab selection and said that she too had to go get some and she then had trouble giving me back the money. I teased her and told her all the ones I bought the rest of the bolt. I guess for her to void it, means you like take the merchandise back and on fabric the policy is you don't take it back. so called ANOTHER girl over and I smiled shyly at the long line forming behind me wondering why I was holding up the line. (I was thinking in my head how do I get outta here without them chasing me to the car? should Jacky and I split up and run separate ways till we get there to throw them off the trail????)  any way the gal let the void go thru and the other gal gave me the cash back on those two items. (and didn't charge me for them)  THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS! THATS A LOT OF OVERCHARGE YA THINK?

 I was happy to be done and outta there. serves me right for going back after I got such a good deal on the templates right?  (the register knows I got a great deal and was charging me back I think. I know but can that happen to anyone but me? nope, this cloud which I thought was gone came back again.........)

at least Jacky and I had a laugh going home.


  1. Oh poor sweetie. Home you get a chance to cool off today. Good job watching your prices. That is a big overcharge.

  2. So sorry to hear of the heat you are suffering;
    talk about an overcharge--good thing you were on the ball with that!1 hugs and try to stay cool Julierose