Wednesday, August 17, 2016

more ac issues

please pray that the black cloud over me goes away.
came home to 80 degree house. ac on but not working  AGAIN

then this morning before going to work the cat threw up on the carpet. yeah thanks  I needed that.
about sums it up these days LOL

ac guy came and finds nothing wrong with ac unit.  it is working now but not correctly.
I am thinking of switching companies...........soon!

yeah in 2013 I HAD A NEW unit put in. it died and on Aug 1st another NEW unit ......
now this! it is only the 17th right?   so I guess they last for 16 )(*%$# days??????

ok off my rant. gonna go take a cold shower and cool down......


  1. That is terrible! I don't blame you for being upset--and angry!! Hope things straighten out...soon hugs, Julierose

  2. OMG you need a vacation from your life for a month! Hope they can get it figured out soon. Hugs and prayers, and you can rant and rave.

  3. I hope the cold shower helped, but I'd be ranting, too! Fingers crossed that things get better.

  4. they have got to let up soon! hugs my friend