Friday, September 23, 2016

am I bad?

jelly roll race

I was wondering why I bought so many jelly rolls. hmmmmm   what did I want them for?  well the two plain white ones will be sashing........thats ok but what about the others?

I found one in my stash called Lagoon
and of course Jenny Doan the enabler had the youtube jelly roll race quilt above

so ............

I sewed the long row yesterday..........
and this morning I finished the top in an hour!  yep
I have a beautiful jelly roll quilt top in blues and greens and purples..........

I am in love..........

Am I bad????  similar colors to below only more teal and some greens too


  1. No you are not bad; you just love blue and green shimmery stuff--;)))) I'll bet that top is beautiful...

  2. I pick up JRs when they are on a real good sale - just so easy to grab them when you need a quick project or instant gratification.