Monday, October 17, 2016

getting there with the list

Halloween mugrugs and cards sent......check

soccer santa........

and hockey santa found..........check

towels for said Santas found.........check

candy for the truck drivers at work.........check

we dont get any trick or treaters and the guys love
picking out a fav candy at the end of their day.

and jam almost finished.........check

made strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, strawberry, and 
caramel apple. YUM

next up will be blueberry
and a batch of pineapple I think
that should round me out for that task for the year

no pumpkin carving this weekend.
niece was sick so I canned instead
and she rested.
how was YOUR weekend?


  1. Where are you getting fruit so late in the season? We pumpkin carved, the weather was beautiful.

  2. We had a great day at Fi's party--just really tired after the long drives there and back...all in one are really finding your stuff. hope to do the same soon...hugs, Juolierose

  3. You are rally moving along on your list, i have one quilt ready to quilt and thats all. blogged down in making baby stuff