Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

DO any of YOU have this book in your collection?
yeah, I'm talkin to YOU
well if you do, Jackie my friend and I 
(and a couple of blog readers too)
will start on Jan 1st with one block
how hard can that be, right?
we will do one block and show them
we will inspire each other and keep us accountable

found some other cute blocks too like these pigs and corn
I may need to figure it out and make one......

and Dunkin and Phoebe have to join the farm too

this one I need to get this one done

another one I love 
because I am a baker

and milkcans

just SOME of the neat blocks 
you may see in OUR   versions
wanna join us????
If you dont have the book.........
run, hop, jump and get one......
borrow one.........
you won't regret it.......


  1. I don't have that one--- but I have her first one "Quilty Fun"--similar blocks with lotsa fruit (which, by the way!I should be eating instead of those delish Cape cod Chips--cannot just eat one of em!!) Now (you enablers, both of you!!) I may HAVE to go and buy it... as I want to make smaller projects this year--and I love the Farm Girl (did I tell you my Pipere (Dad's dad) was a dairy farmer ?) we'll just see...hugs, Julierose

  2. I know I invited myself to the party. Farm Girl Party Crasher!!!Yeah.