Thursday, December 22, 2016

next year ideas...........

the sewing niece has a dauschund
named Brody
he is a cutie pie
he is brown and this pillow would
be so so cute for their futon 
in their colors
I think I have to make one

here is their other baby Max
he is older and lives with
her boyfriends parents

I dont know..........maybe Valentines day?
we will see
loving it

(why does she do this to herself making every thing
she sees and likes? because she can.........ha ha)


  1. Awe the dogs are cuties. Love the pillow and it would be super easy.

  2. Sweet puppy and I love those dachshund pillows!

  3. I am planning next year to, love the puppy

  4. Adorable puppy pillow--I think you are right--you'll just HAVE to make one...;)))
    hugs from the new "eagle-eyed" Julierose