Monday, December 19, 2016

two deer almost done

I was a sewing nut this weekend
I got up and sewed
after groceries..........sewed
before bed........sewed
now I have two tops done

one light borders..........

one in the pinecone fabric........

and do you think I can find panel number three?
NO!  grrrrrrrrrr

but one of these is quilted ready to trim and bind.....
***update*** this one is ready to wash and wrap

gonna get these two done anyway
then tear my room apart!

never a dull moment here.........
I guess I work best under pressure anyway

linking up with Monday Making 


  1. YOu're a busy bee! Love these quilts!

  2. Hate to lose things, then I spend all my time looking

  3. So much time is wasted looking for something that is lost, but I usually discover fun things that I forgot I had! Hope you find it soon. You've been very busy.

  4. Hope you found you missing panel. Good luck with your holiday stitching.