Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I have been trying to keep up with my list

a little behind on my knitting list
but the baby was born and the  baby quilt
got bumped up
the gal who is the bosses daughter who used
to work for us.........her first
a boy named Miles
have not seen pics or do not know details as 
we just got an email on Fri the 13th
but will finish up the star quilt for him

but I got sidetracked and did this
yeah I know
what the heck is that????

why it is parts
for this guy silly

the pattern for the deer from 
it is on the Christmas sewalong and I 
wanted to make one block
and surround it to make a cute
table topper for my brothers deer theme

I think this, deer towel, dishcloths, brown potholders
deer micro bowls and some bowls to fit
and he is done with some tucked in jam

what do you think?  I think it will look so cute!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

weekend of apples

my brother got me this bag of apples
I have already made three batches of
caramel apple jam out of them
and this is what is still left
I need to make some applesauce and apple butter
if the hubs would keep my to do list down

this is one batch of the jam
I had to taste test it
you know to make sure it is good and all

the rest of the weekend I was running around
no not like THAT silly
errands to get prescriptions and fight with the 
pharmacy as they mess it up all the time
and then went to Rite Aid drugstore and found these
from Russel Stover
remember last year? yep...........
LOVE them for my projects
and the chocolate sustain me while I sew LOL
actually I am bringing them into work.
the guys will like them

found some vitamins I think will help the hubs out with
his foot pain
the doctors are not helping him so I am trying to 
do some things on my own regarding nerve pain
he was in tears last night which is no way to live

what was your weekend like?

Monday, October 16, 2017

craft fair goodies

I went to a craft fair on Sat
my buddy Jacky did not go- she had a family 
but I went and it is all her fault that I spent so much
LOL  thats my story and I'm stickin to it
see this beautiful embroidered set of pillowcases?

well you KNOW how I love blue
and I am a sucker for pretty pillowcases
(not sure why cause I have my eyes closed when I use them....hmmmm)
but anywho.......I HAD to have them
the lady was so cute 
I also got a cute christmas gift that I can not show
plus a dish soap apron lighthouse pattern
Yes I am one of the few people left in the 
world that does not have a dishwasher

these cuties also came home with me
wont they look cute on my tree?
made with walnuts
and empty spools
and milkpods
so so cute

this lady had to come home with me too
I love her
the lady that made her and I had a 
great conversation 
and she wished me a Merry Christmas! 
she says you are the first Merry Christmas
this year! LOL

isnt she made so purty?

love the detail
she is decorated in pearls

and will look so cute on my shelf

have YOU been to any craft fairs lately?
any Christmas gifts or ideas come out of them?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

late bloomer

this is my garden
dont tell it that it is October!
all summer there wasnt even leaves on this dahlia
I thought it had died
just wanted a show of its own I guess
look how pretty and notice the buds
yeah.........more to come

and this guy is so pretty and knocked over
by the cat next door
he loves to sit on my flowers 
it too has tons of buds for later

this was a pineapple top 
off a pineapple I bought
it is growing nicely
and will have to be brought inside
for the winter

my creeping purple flowered plant is spreading
out in my barrel
that is a good thing and hopefully next year
it spills out a little more

this was a praying mantis on my sedum in front
it turned pink early and is now all brown
he was dancing in the rain LOL
just sprinkling out but wet

pumpkin my brother got me from Maine
to carve
he is so good to me
I am lucky to have family that loves me

this bush is a mystery to me
half is all green
the other half is green and white
some kind of Euony bush I think

and the small maple is turning color
the birds are wondering where all the feeders went
I hear them when I go outside
and others all calling to me 
to fill the feeders 
that have been put away for the winter
Fall is upon us and winter won't be too far behind...........

Saturday, October 14, 2017

the farm keeps calling

I miss working on my farmgirl quilt
but first things first
so much to do this time of year

I love this tractor
so so fun

soon I will be
back on the farm
and hope 2018 is the year I finish the quilt

I then may have to send it out to be quilted
I will make a journal to go with it
with family stories that go with the blocks
fun fun way to pass it down don't you think?

Friday, October 13, 2017

lots more to do but a good start

this is in my gift bin
I love the stripe binding that looks like candy cane
this was Dresden blades cut and donated to me
by my friend Jacky
(no she cant be your friend too
she is MINE... LOL)
so I sewed them into a runner one day
found a cute red Christmas fabric in the stash 
that has sayings on it like Peace on Earth
Merry Christmas etc and bordered and backed it
then bound it with the stripe
love it!

this slab quilt is sewn and ready to back and batt
and tie or quilt
not sure how I will finish it yet  but if I need
a nice warm quilt it will move up on the list

I also have this cutie that I can make into something

mug rugs are a staple in the gift box
they are small and fun and so so useful
I have a stack of them for the hubs and I
we use them all the time and toss in the wash
fun to change them out for the seasons
I am using a pumpkin one right now

Brody the dog is done except for maybe some treats

this goes with one brothers package

this may end up with a Grinch theme package
we will see how time progresses

this needs to be duplicated
I have two nieces who LOVE purple and 
these would make washing dishes and cleaning
up a little more fun in your fav color
don't cha think?

these are for daughter and I just need to maybe
get some twigs and make some
type of holder for them

zippy bags are always fun and useful

more mug rugs

some kites for good measure
LOVE this pattern and have used it so so much
I may have to actually make a quilt with it 

more mug rugs

this needs to be quilted and finished

some bags are in the works

cat placemats are done too

I have quite a few things done
but my list is long
hopefully I can jam it out this week
and then get back on track in the sewing room
I am having withdrawals LOL
so is Dunkin!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

time is a tickin......

time if a tickin for sure
I need to make some dinners like this
so that I can sew while it cooks and then 
it also gives second meals of hash

before this happens
it will be here all too soon 

now where did I put this pattern?
somewhere safe of course
Did I tell you where I put it????
heck if I know LOL
always the way

these guys are starting to run in my room.
I better get them corralled too!

what are you working on?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

what do you do the day after a fabulous wedding?

here was my nieces gorgeous cake
it was soooooooo good too
pumpkin with a maple mousse

here is the happy couple with their son
my great nephew
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture
so much I am having a Christmas
ornament made for them with it

and here is my poor attempt at a selfie
can you tell I dont get out much? LOL
here is me and the hubster
all dolled up and ready to go

he cleans up pretty good huh?  LOL

another practice  
yeah hide that double chin hee hee

great nephew dancing away the night
he had so much fun

and the day after...............

yeah I dont drink and party too much
just an old fuddy duddy I guess
so I made some apple jam

my brother is working on my squirrel feeder
as I gave him the measurements

so so excited so making him a whole batch or so of this
jam as he loves it
called apple caramel jam
and has chunks of apples and brown sugar in it
so so good........
but very sweet as most jellies are

that's what I did the day after the wedding
and will be doing most of the week after work
getting ready to use up the large bag of apples

some may make it into applesauce too
the apples are sweet enough that I wont need any sugar
so that is good for the hubster too

he cant have the jelly being diabetic.
they have recipes out there
but not many that we have liked so far
so will continue to buy his already made

what have you been up to?