Monday, December 11, 2017

planning ahead

no I am NOT finished with this years gifts
this computer issue and going thru old pics
has made me want to plan ahead a little better
and I have some HST in a box just all thrown in
until I can play
this is on the list for 2018

I am not looking forward to this at all
they are predicting for us
a long cold winter with lots of snow

remember that cutie that got married in October?
this was her when I gave her a quilt
she plopped her pillow in the laundry basket
grabbed her bunny
and wrapped in the quilt
made my heart melt...........
love love love this girl.........
she is Landons Mom
the one in white

I need to find this pattern again
I want to make one for Hubs
he loves lighthouses and the water
and this would be a perfect quilt
for him

I better start my to do list again
this is my journal book of the projects
I have made
I used to be better at recording what I had done
it made me feel like I accomplished something
as sometimes it doesnt feel that way

these too I want on the list
how fun to  gift tea in one of these
or leave off the teabag and gift with hot chocolate
cute cute and looks pretty easy

maybe I should take one month and
cut a bunch out and whip them up for the gift box

how is your holiday planning coming along?

check out Temecula quilts for a 
snowball quiltalong

ends in Feb. easy peasy and 
great way to use up scraps
I feel a snowball fight
er I mean quilt
coming on......

Sunday, December 10, 2017

a little snow

yeah today is the wait for the end of the snow
yesterday snowed all day
while the cats napped
I did some morning errands
and then hunkered down to sew

Phoebe turned her back to the world
dont wake her up
she gets cranky! hee he

sometimes she will act all cute
but watch out
those claws come out when she is mad
no holds barred

she even makes this guy mad
he sticks his tongue out to her
and calls her names all the time

this was snow where we lived before
my computer is still down so I cant
take new pics

but Dunkin was watching the flakes
he loves to relax doing that
see him here just chilling?

and then hmmmm   
are those white things good to eat?
nope Dunks   

just hoping we wont get this much
they said about 3-5 but the number kept rising 
so I shut off the tv
(that makes it not so right?)

these are in the shed with the snakeskin
so not as festive this year

this too is in the snake shed

as is this........

this was last years tree,,,,,,,,
not as full as this years you think?

this is not even all of it. some has been delivered
and more wrapped today
it is halfway into my living room! 
guess I went big or went home LOL

Dunks likes watching the snow come down
this is his fav perch

this was the covering on the grass
hoping it melts fast
how do you go from 50 one day 
to snowing and accumulations the next?

this is an old picture of us visiting
one of our favorite uncles homes
me on left, bear brother next, other brother
the little one who has cabin in Maine
then cousin Bobby, my sister the brat,
then cousin Barbara
fun to look back at these
I have no clue what I was doing with my hands
obviously the reason for the visit was
to sell girl scout cookies LOL
maybe I was high on thin mints???? LOL
my baby brother was not born yet

this is my Santa girl
she used to live up here but is now
in TN and I miss her
she is now ten....
where does the time go?
and my Brody on the right
he is getting big too
is a hockey goalie star

and another guy in  red
I dont know 
but will the real Santa stand up?

are you getting snow where you are?
gotta get out the hats gloves and scarves
shovels and ice melt
wasnt prepared for this.........
better get prepared

Saturday, December 9, 2017

UFO list

ok ok so it is a partial list for me
you gonna say something about it???
ha ha
this yellow quilt needs to be finished

and this red one also
I was thinking that 2018 I want to take some
UFOs and maybe finish them in a different way
than I had originally intended

I would like to make a bunch of wheelchair quilts
and some pillowcases for the nursing home down the street
some of these poor folks dont even get a visitor
and it is sad
we should not treat our elderly that way
and if I can make them a little warmer
or a little happy because someone made 
something for them
I want to
so these may end up as wheelchair quilts
and the good thing?
hubs decided he may make some too!
he is thinking of denim squares for the guys
I think it is a great idea
help to keep him focused when I am at work

this was Pat Sloans quilt along
that stallled
I may just do up a few more blue blocks 
and make a wheelchair quilt out of these

this one just needs borders and a back I think
and if I remember right the border floral was a
big piece so may be enough for back too
this one was a challenge for strips
between me and Jacky and will be for me

gotta get up and running again on the farm
I really want to finish this one and do a journal
on the stories that go with the blocks
and this is just the tip of the iceberg.........

the man in the red suit

is this him?
you know
the man in the red suit?

but where is the hat with the white
fur trim.
I think it is an imposter

is this the man of the hour?
he hates Christmas

this guy looks more like it

a hockey santa

seems I never got round to that last year
will this be the year???

Friday, December 8, 2017

getting the house ready

a special friend made me this
you all know her as Jacky
she is my buddy and means so much to me
how many of you can say you can walk
to a friends house and play in each others stash?
I thought so,

while I gussie up the house
Phoebe is resting
she helped decorate the tree and that is hard work
she had light know the lights on the tree
(they were already attached as prelit but she didnt tell me)
so her job was pretty much in the bag

this guy was admiring it from afar
checking out the perfect placement of ornaments
(so that later on he can rearrange them if so desired)

then he got bored and wanted to know 
what the secret sewing was all about

I didnt tell
and didnt let him peek either

so he decided to run away from home

Mom is shipping boxes so I will just hide in here
for now and see where I get shipped to

silly DUNKS!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

a fun little diversion

this was a fun little diversion
did anyone ever do this type of quilt?
I forget who had the idea
but it was lining up fabric repeats
and cutting squares
to make different blocks out of the same fabric

the fun part is you could cut some the same
and when you turn the blocks around
it makes another pattern
I could play with this one all day long!

I think I ran out of this fabric
and my blocks are small
so I think I need to showcase
them by surrounding them with a plain border
and letting them shine

maybe a green or red? I tried matching something
that would go with the beige
if too light makes these look dirty
if white, same issue
maybe pull out the lighter blue color?

this is all  I have of these
and why it stalled

this was the yardage before being chopped up
and it was fabric given to me when
I worked at the curtain factory so 
no more to be had

even if I make a small wheelchair quilt
I will be happy
just gotta find a way to finish it up

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


this was made into a leaf potholder

but now I am seeing feathers

hmmm maybe for Landons deer quilt
with turkey feathers at the bottom
and a turkey on the back

hmm what do you think?


I will leave you with the link for the virtual cookie exchange

check out some great cookie recipes 
to round out your Christmas cookie tray

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

another ufo I need to complete

this started as a challenge
to me
take a ufo block
add a color not in the block row
add a pieced row
add a triangle row
add another row of that color that isnt in the block
then a squares row
and I wasnt sure how large it would end up
so I stopped
and time got in the way
with other pressing projects

and this is where I ended
and now have to find these parts again
to continue
am thinking

it would just need a black binding
and a lap quilt for moi~
ok  ok or Phoebe..........

or Dunkin,,,,,,,,,,,