Monday, February 20, 2017

this one moved along pretty quickly

I keep those 2 1/2 inch squares in a container
on my sewing table
and in between sewing other things
I use them as leaders and enders.
they sew up 2 x 2  4 x 4 etc until I make blocks
then they go into a tin until joined by their friends 

then they come out to play to see how they could go together
remember the blue and yellow blocks above? they were left over from the 
buttery yellow top below that I made
the last time I played with the blocks

I was thinking about making them into a kitchen sink
quilt where leftover blocks get put together
to make a quilt
but decided I liked them on their own

so as I sewed I color co-ordinated them
in my eye and made blocks as leaders and enders

Dunkin didnt like my layout I guess as he would rearrange them
every time I tried to put them down
so I continued to sew more of them
reds and oranges and purples
and pinks
some colors are more prevalent in the stash
than others

then I laid it out again to see how far I had come
I now have 20 squares done
each block is about 8 inches 
so this would be 32 x 40  or too small
to set it this way

debating whether to surround them in 
white 2 1/2 strips to set off each color
or just keep making them
so will move on for now

maybe there are more colors I need to make
maybe they can be set in black
for now I will let them play in the tin together
and decide what they want to be

I think Dunkin likes it better
at least the arrangement this time
as he has not rearranged them 
one bit LOL

Maybe he decided it will be another quilt for him
you never know about these things LOL

he and Phoebe have about 3 quilts so far among them
and they have chosen them all


Julierose said...

this is such a pretty rainbow of blocks; looks like "someone" really likes this one lol hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love all the colors, are you making a lap quilt? I may make one to save for the next person that I know that has cancer so I can just give it to them on the spot. I think I would use 3 inch squares or 4 inch, it goes faster.