Friday, March 31, 2017

easy sewing with some scraps.....

I took a thin piece of batting
took some scraps I had in my bag
sewed them onto the batting
and flipped it
then I chose something fun for a lining
and grabbed a zipper

and made a zippy bag

hubs likes it for his glasses.
another little project done
and more scraps out of 
my baggie
what are YOU making with YOUR scraps?


  1. Mine are languishing and multiplying in the dark of a private room as we speak.

  2. My scraps got a good cleaning a few weeks ago. Some were made into string blocks and others were passed on. I need to make some more zippy bags! Maybe today. =)

  3. My mom made me something like this when I was little to use for my pencils and pens. Many uses for this little pouch. hugs, LJ

  4. Near idea, I carry the bigger one you gave me to quilt class with all my little things in it

  5. Very clever idea. Great use of scraps, too.