Sunday, March 12, 2017

ufos I need to work on soon

this was last  years 365 circle quilt that I
also used for the RSC colors of the month
I got as far as Jan Feb Mar and April 
I think
the rest got put to the wayside
I think I need to put these into
a quilt and ditch the original plan
done is better than anguishing over it

this was a personal challenge with Jacky
we were to use scraps and make a quilt top
this is mine and I think I choose the floral
to border it and get er done
what is holding it back? heck if I remember LOL

this too is an ongoing leader ender project
I was trying to sew up groups of ten
so that I could move the colors more easily around

THEN I saw one on another blog
with both the small AND large tumblers in the same quilt
I may need to do that
I think somewhere I have large ones cut out too

and this is low volume squares just sewn together
it is about half the size I would want it to be
so have to find more low volume and cut out blocks

ah yes  
the large tumblers
they seem to be all in cool tones
maybe I cant add them to the small ones.
we will see..

any UFOs lurking in YOUR room?

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  1. Oh my circles are waiting in the wings, too...need to put them up on the wall to see what i can do with 39 of them..yours are so bright and pretty, dawn; mine are blues and sad...that's ok; I needed to do them that way after Mom passed...hugs, Julierose