Tuesday, April 4, 2017

can you love a chicken?

Aprils blocks are Simple Star..........

and Mama Hen 
I pulled this stripe fat qtr from my stash
can I make a barred rock hen?

like Edward scissorhand I chopped er up into 
the pieces

and sewed her up...........
I think I am in love..........

Now I may need to make a Buff Orphington
hey you need another hen friend for
gossip and such, right?

Aprils blocks for the farm
how is YOUR farm coming?

anyone putting eggs on their farm? I may
need to applique some

linking up with Beth of love laugh quilt


  1. oh your Mama hen looks lonely sitting there waiting for a good gab fest...she is adorable...love that fabric...hugs, Julierose

  2. You made two nice blocks. Mine are still under construction. I had made the hen previously so I'm substituting another block in its place.

  3. sewed my mama hen into a row of my quilt Now on to barns